Generating Clean Wind Power Anywhere with the Pikasola Wind Turbine


Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400W 12V with 5 Blade, with Charge Controller, Wind Power Generator for Marine, RV, Home, Windmill Generator Suit for Hybrid Solar Wind System.

The future of energy production is here with the Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400W 12V with 5 Blade offering an efficient and reliable wind power generator for homes, RVs, and marine vessels. This versatile windmill generator is specially designed with durable and lightweight Solar Wind Blades that allow for easy installation and require minimal to no maintenance. This kit is capable of producing 400W of power to generate energy to meet your electrical needs. This turbine combines both wind and solar energy operations with a Charge Controller included to prevent overcharging and reduce production cost.

The kit includes five blades with a maximum blade rotor diameter of 1.83 m, allowing for a maximum output of 400W and a starting wind speed of 2.5 m/s (or 5.6 mph). The generator is designed with a low vibration and low noise level and is built to be corrosion-resistant, increasing its durability, making sure it lasts you for years! The Charge Controller acts as a safety measure to protect the battery from overcharging and prolongs its life.

The Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400W 12V with 5 Blade is made for use in hybrid solar wind systems, and is suitable for generating energy while sailing, camping, and emergency power outages. It can be connected to a 12V battery for continuous energy production making it the perfect energy management system for both residential and commercial energy production applications.

The Wind Turbine Generator Kit 400W 12V with 5 Blades is an affordable and eco-friendly way to meet your energy needs. With advanced technology, reliable components, and a sleek design, the Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit is the perfect choice for those looking to invest in a renewable energy solution. Make the switch today to a more efficient and reliable source of power with the Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit.

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